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Massage rehabilitation for elderly people Rehabilitation experts for sports injuries, herne bay, kent. Professional massage treatment for muscular pain

Massage and Rehabilitation

We offer a range of professional massage and rehabilitation treatments to suit your needs including:

Massage and rehabilitation specialists for sports injuries, Kent

Muscle Rehabilitation

Sports Injury, accident victims or stroke victims, muscle tone, mobility and flexibility.

The muscles will be worked, with massage,ultra sound and trigger pointing. Stretching the inactive or damaged muscle to maximize healing and mobility, whilst taking care not to over work or strain the muscle, yet still gaining good muscle tone.

Sports Muscle Injury

Either a new injury that requires massage to loosen and stretch the tendons, or an old injury that flares up in absence of a proper warm up. We assist in all injuries related to all sports. We offer a pre event warm up massage and stretching to enable the client to achieve the best possible results in his/her sport. Also includes a post muscle massage and cooling down session to enable the muscle to keep their tone and prevent any injury.

Stress Massage

Stress caused by work, bad posture at the work station, or just life! We massage the stress away. We use modern techniques and give assurance of relief and decreasing tension with every session. Working the muscles to release toxins and ease tight tendons and ligaments.

Swedish Body Massage

All over body massage at a firm yet consistent pressure, working out bad body toxins and improving blood circulation. Full or half body treatments offered.


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